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The Man Project

The Man Project is an Indian Menswear Luxury House based in Pune & Specialized in Sartorial Made to Measure Clothing. A unique proximity between the modern & the contemporary, our collection exemplifies the finesse required by the modern gent.

Fashion Democracy

The majority of today’s men wear ready-to-wear or made-to-measure clothes produced in factories. Only a very small minority of gentlemen dress in bespoke clothes made by tailors, but 200 years ago every garment was made by hand. 

Before the advent of sewing machines in the 18th century, all clothes were cut and sewn by hand similar to the way modern-day bespoke tailors work. However, the desired fit was achieved in a way very different to our times. From the Middle Ages to the 18th-century, tailors created their patterns with methods that were their trade secret. They were not shared with apprentices until a master tailor handed over his business to someone who had bought it.

Who we are

The Man Project Studio

Based in Wagholi Pune, we have the biggest bespoke studio equipped with in-house designers and styling personnel to help you get the most perfect clothing. Any occasion, complete fashion. 

Our mesmerizing collection of bespoke suits, Sherwanis and Indo-westerns are created right from the heart. Our relentless passion for the perfect fit with world class fabrics is achieved from virtuoso tailoring.

From its inception, our philosophy has been about creating fashion forward clothing for the modern gentlemen. We offer in-house designs and styling consultations that make outfits which are truly custom made for you. We aim to explore the world of contemporary clothing through true bespoke – one design, one stitch and one silhouette at a time. Come and experience the biggest fashion studio, made uniquely for you.

“We aim to combine the old-world charm of true bespoke tailoring with regal minimalism and articulated handwork for the modern Indian Man.”

– Nilesh Agarwal

Founder, The Man Project